Total immersion- Ages: 10 months to 2 years and 11 months

According to Patricia Kuhl (Professor at the University of Washington and author of “How babies Thinks”).

Patricia Kuhl studies how we learn language as babies, looking at the ways our brains form around language acquisition.”

Children learning a new language will not only be able to easily pick up the native accent (speak like a native), but will also gain the foundation for learning different ways. This will prove helpful for problem solving, logic + reasoning, and multi-tasking. Your children will start to fine tune a key part of their brain at a very young age.

As they approach their first birthday, the sounds that they have heard most frequently solidify to form the foundation for all further linguistic development. They become most sensitive and aware of language(s) surrounding them. Meanwhile, their ability to perceive and integrate new sounds decreases.

This is why it is so very important to expose babies and young toddlers to a second language. At this age, their brains are sponges that are uniquely prepared to soak in sounds, language intonations and rhythms of new languages. It is also key that infants hear language spoken by people in social environments. Interaction is vital to successful learning.

For more information, see Patricia Kuhl’s Ted Talk: The Linguistic Genius of Babies

For more information, see Patricia Kuhl’s Ted Talk: The Linguistic Genius of Babies

How do we do it ?

Puppets and Conversations

Rhymes, songs, and dances

Play and Read Aloud

Movements and manipulative

Lot of laughs

How, Where and When ?

How ? 

  1. Registration is done through email only (email us directly from our website. Include number of participants, date of class, age of child(ren)
  2. Go to our our payment link and submit the $10  registration fee ( Fee must be paid every session) .
  3. Upon reception of email and registration fee, we will send you an individualized payment link.
  4. You will receive a welcome e-mail and confirmation from us.


Westminster Presbyterian Church

When ? Starting November 2018

Days: To be announced

Time: To be announced

Duration: 45 minutes per class

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$5 Per child for the first class only!

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Payment Per class

HOW MUCH? ¿Cuánto cuesta?

$99 for 6 weeks.
- 2nd child 40% discount $59
- 3rd child for FREE
- Siblings under 10 months old are free!
Please note there is a $10.00 non-refundable registration fee per family.

AGE RANGE: Infants (10 months) through 2 years 11 months of age.

Please make payment online.  The registration fee is non-refundable. Space reserved with registration fee and confirmed when tuition is paid in full.  * Make-Ups: A child may make up 1 missed class. The make up date will be communicated by teacher, and will be done as a group class.
Refunds are honored only if cancelled 72 HOURS BEFORE the first class, minus $10 administrative fee.

TRY YOUR FIRST CLASS WITHOUT OBLIGATION FOR $5 PER CHILD ( You must send us an email to reserve your spot)


  • Session payment is required at least 7 days before starts of class to reserve a spot. 
  • Teacher will not take money or reservation on the spot.
  • One time transfer courtesy of payment is allowed if cancellation is made  within 24 hours before class.