Language classes for adults now offered ! In-person or video-skype group classes


registration now open for Winter 2020 Starting January 18th 2020

registration now open for Winter 2020 Starting January 18th 2020

registration now open for Winter 2020 Starting January 18th 2020registration now open for Winter 2020 Starting January 18th 2020registration now open for Winter 2020 Starting January 18th 2020

We provide children and adults group and private language acquisition classes

About Us

Welcome to ENB Languages 4 kidz

Since 2014 ENB Languages 4 Kidz has offered enrichment classes focused on language acquisition (Spanish, French, Italian, and ESL) through the Arts, Geography, History and more. As our communities are become increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse, there is a growing need to engage young children in multicultural activities that will ultimately reflect positively in their overall social skills and academic achievement.

Young children starting to acquiring a new language will not only be able to easily pick up the native accent (speak like a native), but will also gain the foundation for learning in different ways. This process will prove helpful for problem solving, logic + reasoning, and multi-tasking. Your children will start to fine tune  key parts of their brain at a very young age.

Our schedules and pricing

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We would like to announce that ENB Languages 4 Kidz has been selected to receive the Small Business Excellence Award for 2015 , 2016, 2017, 2018 and  20189in the Child Care & Day Care  and Language Schooling category.

This recognizes small businesses that serve Richmond. Each year we identify companies that we believe have achieved outstanding success in the Richmond area. These are small businesses that provide a positive image of small businesses through service to their customers and community.

Resources on second Language acquisition


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We offer

Summer Language Program 2019

summer 2019

Full immersion 


Saturday Kidz Classes


Enrich your child's mind!

Adult Reading and Conversation classes


This is not your High School Language class!

ENB in your school or home (After-school Enrichment Program)


Languages in Richmond. Invite us to your school or home.

Mommy /Daddy and I Spanish adventure


Family Fun!

Adult Online Classes


Acquire a new language in the confort of your home.


ENB Languages 4 Kidz Receives 2019 Best of Richmond Award

Richmond Award Program Honors the Achievement

RICHMOND July 25, 2019 -- ENB Languages 4 Kidz has been selected for the 2019 Best of Richmond Award in the Language Schooling category by the Richmond Award Program.


Richmond Award Program



French : Ages 3-4

La maison

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Ages 4-5 Spanish class

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Jeux en Français

Chouette !

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Ages 4-5 Spanish 

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Ages 4-5 : Spanish 

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Ages 3-4 : Spanish 

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Contact Us

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ENB Languages 4 Kidz, LLC

4103 Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23230 United States

(804) 441-4882




important policies

Payment and Refund Policy



 Payment Policy

1. At this time, we accept credit cards, cash or check.

2. Payment must be done to confirm spot in the class.

3. All payments are expected no later than 14 days before the start of a new session
A processing fee of 3.1 % will apply to all the credit cards payment through PayPal.

Mailing address for check payment: 

ENB Languages 4 Kidz- 3141 Parkwood Avenue, RVA 23221

Refund Policy

1. In other to get your refund, you must inform us at least 7 days before the first day of class. Therefore, allowing us to open the spot to another child. Please note that refunds will not be issued for late cancellation.

2. When a group is full and closed, we will have to turn down other children. We are asking you to please consider this fact before submitting a late cancellation.

3. Tuition are not transferable to another session nor student.

4. Being a group class priced at a group rate, individual make ups are NOT available. Please check your schedule before signing up.

5. In case of a teacher absence or snow day, the school will reschedule the class or add 15-30 to some of the remaining classes to make up the missing class(es).

Attendance Policy



Attendance Policy

1. Students are expected to attend class, and will be charged tuition for the class whether they attend or not.

2. Please note that one hour of class is 55 minutes long.

3. Email us if your child will be absent

4. Inform the teacher in person or email the school if someone other than yourself will pick up your child(ren). Make sure to give us the full name of the person picking up the child, and let us know if your child knows them. We will give you two numbers to contact in case a last minute pick up change.

5. Please sign the check in and check out log located in the front of the classroom

Additional information



Communication with parent(s)

1. Every Saturday after class you will be emailed supporting videos and songs related to the day’s lesson.

2. We love to post videos and pictures of each interactions/activities in our class. These videos /pictures are only posted on ENB Facebook, and sometimes used for ENB’s promotional flyer/short videos. We will email you a form in which we will ask your permission  to film or take pictures of your child(ren).

3. We will contact you if we have any questions or concerns in regards to your child in class.

4. We will send you an email in case a class is cancelled due to snow days, bad weather, building issues, or any other reasons. Every class cancelled will be reschedule within the session.

Additional expectations

1. Make sure your child is able to be in class without a parent or family member. Parents are not allowed in class, in order to facilitate the teacher’s role as the authority figure. Parents are welcome to wait in the sitting area outside the classrooms.

2. Every child must be toilet trained, and bring a snack or drink if possible.

3. If your child is sick, please keep him/her home to avoid getting other children or the teacher ill.

4. Respecting the schedule is very important. Please make sure to arrive not earlier than 5 minutes before class, and promptly pick up your child at the end of class. Because classes are scheduled consecutively , teacher will not be able to supervise your child nor leave the room to open the main door while teaching the next group.